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Caddel Equine Therapy Center

Caddel Equine Therapy Center

“The underlying tempo here is serene, for this is a place where horses come to rest and recuperate, and the occupants seem to sense that.”

From "Lessons from a Lay-up Farm (Caddel Equine Therapy Center), Perfect Horse Magazine, written by Betsy Lynch




Caddel Equine Therapy Center: Our 52-acre complete-care facility features two well-ventilated barns, 10 grass-seeded, double-fenced paddocks, a 3/8 mile training track, a spacious grass gallop, and a six-horse Equicizer in a beautiful Kentucky setting. Steve and Linda Caddel live on-site and oversee every aspect of each horse’s care.

Our hospital barn features 27 stalls (23 stalls are 12′ x 12′; 4 stalls are 12′ x 16′) and our year-round broodmare barn features 12 stalls (10 stalls are 12/ x 12/; 2 foaling stalls are 12′ x 14′). Stall floors are lined with Class I sand covered with thick rubber mats. Each stall features full screens on fronts and back, allowing for maximum fresh air ventilation. Outside doors have a storm door that can be closed during inclement weather. Each stall front features screens with yokes that allow your horse to put its head outside the stall. In case a horse can’t tolerate this degree of freedom, we can close the door completely with an insert to the yoke.

Biosecurity procedures are in place to minimize exposure to contagious diseases. All horses arriving from area hospitals have been screened. All buckets are scrubbed each day and disinfected. All lead ropes and stall-cleaning equipment are color-coded by barn and stay within that barn. In case of a fever, isolation protocols are immediately put into place. Stalls are cleaned daily, and the muck is removed from the farm each afternoon. Our Biosecurity measures have been reviewed on sight by a leading Lexington equine hospital for effectiveness and thoroughness.

Our Center has a wash rack in each barn. Each has hot and cold water which allows us to bathe horses in all weather conditions and to do cold water therapy as prescribed.

Our 6-horse Equicizer is a gated walker. The Equicizer has adjustable speed, from a slow walk to a gallop. For our purposes, our horses walk and trot only. The Equicizer works in both directions so our patients get a wall-balanced workout each session. Most often, our horses go on the Equicizer twice daily.

For the confined patient, the stall-sized day pen offers a refreshing change from box-stall confinement. This allows a horse to have fresh air, sunlight on his back and an emotional boost from a change in scenery.

Our 70-foot round pen with sand footing provides an excellent transition for our horses that are moving from a hand-walking or Equicizer protocol to turnout. It is also a safe environment to start a horse back under tack.

Our Center features 10 beautiful one-acre paddocks. Turnout on grass is an important aspect of our horses’ recovery process.