Welcome to Caddel Equine Therapy Center where our commitment to the recovery and fitness of your horse is our primary focus. Our philosophy centers on a comprehensive approach to managing your horse’s recovery. This program includes incorporating the best in veterinary. complementary therapy and farrier care, uncompromising quality in feed and hay, and a dedicated and professional staff. Additionally we believe that for your horse to recover and freshen fully, it must live in an environment that allows a horse to heal. Hence the physical design of Caddel Equine Therapy Center which offers the following: ample fresh air, barns built for quiet and ventilation, ample turnout options for our patients to get them outside safely and under the sun. Finally, our philosophy is that our client is a critical part of our care team. We welcome phone calls texts, e-mails, or Facebook contact.









Our mission at Caddel Equine Therapy Center, LLC is to provide a healing environment for our patients, to provide a safe and stimulating working environment for our staff and to enhance the health and welfare of horses world-wide through protocols developed at our center.

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